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Bridging the gap between past and future

M9 is a major urban-regeneration project being built by the Fondazione di Venezia on mainland Venice.

It envisages the creation of three new buildings – the main one providing museum functions – the refurbishment of a former late-16th century convent and the renovation of a 1970s’ office building. This will enable M9 to bridge the gap between past and future, forging a dialogue between existing and new architecture, and returning an underexploited area to the city.

The new museum building stands in the centre of Mestre, its identity driven by a close link with the urban context with which it blends not only architecturally but also in terms of urban planning, redesigning road accesses through the heart of the old city centre. Parts of the city not previously in close contact or open to the public are reconnected in a new way.

The result is a multifunctional centre that is more than a traditional museum. Inspired by international urban-regeneration experiences, it offers an innovative format, a mini-Smart City at the service of the local population. 

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A Fondazione di Venezia project of international appeal, a new-concept district where culture meets innovation.

110 millions Euros

total investment


intervention area

7 buildings

3 of which newly constructed

5 new spaces

for major events